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Watch Double Fine's Amnesia Fortnight movie now

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Back when Double Fine was mid-way through developing Brütal Legend in 2007, publisher Activision dropped the project. While searching for another publisher, studio head Tim Schafer suspended work on the game and told the team to forget about it for two weeks, instead spending that time working on prototypes for future games. That "Amnesia Fortnight" became a tradition at Double Fine, and some of the later prototypes became full games like Costume Quest and Stacking.

In 2019, while working on Psychonauts 2, Double Fine held another Amnesia Fortnight. This one was recorded by 2 Player Productions, the documentary crew responsible for Double Fine Adventure, and turned into a feature-length movie, which you can watch right now on YouTube (opens in new tab).

Four games are pitched, and grow into prototypes over the course of the two weeks. Expect to see "madcap puppet theater, devious journeys into the underworld, a sinister puzzle game, and grand battles on the back of giant slugs". Which all sounds very Double Fine.

Jody Macgregor
Jody Macgregor

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