Enjoy 9 minutes of sneaky Sleeper hunting in a new GTFO gameplay video

GTFO is a multiplayer sci-fi horror game that looks a little (or maybe a lot) like Left 4 Dead smushed up with Aliens. Chris spent some time with it at E3 in June and it sounds potentially very good: He called it "a tense and creepy horror shooter that blends long periods of tense exploration and stealth with sudden freak-out bursts of chaotic gunplay." 

A new nine-minute gameplay trailer released today by developer 10 Chambers Collective showcases that stylistic crossover. Instead of the frenzied run-and-gun of L4D, the four-player squad approaches its task calmly and quietly (relatively, anyway), assessing threats, setting up shots, and even taking down enemies with stealth when the situation allows. Which isn't to say that there isn't plenty of trigger time (there is), but there's an air of deliberation and thoughtfulness about it that I really like.

The success of that kind of gameplay depends on teamwork: If one person screws up, everybody pays, something you can see at the 7:00 point when a squaddie is detected in the open and the situation goes sideways in a hurry. That could potentially make pickup games a hassle (or at least very interesting), but putting a priority on knowing when not to shoot will hopefully add a layer of depth to the action that will help GTFO stand out from the crowd. 

GTFO is expected to be out later this year.   

Andy Chalk

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