Watch 23 minutes of Wolfenstein 2 action in the 'Nazis in New Orleans' video

We've seen some really good Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus teasers showcasing characters old and new: The Milkshake Nazi, Big Brother, Blitzmensch, and the "interesting" characters of the new American revolution, to name a few. This video is different: It's 23 minutes of straight-up gameplay that shows off a little bit of everything, from stealthy silenced pistols to dual-wielded automatic shotguns. 

You'll also catch a glimpse of bits and pieces of the game that don't rely on a pulled trigger, like the weapon upgrade screen, the newspapers that can be found and read, and the obligatory "align the overhead crane so you can get across the room" puzzle. But it's really all about the action, and while I don't think you can get a true feeling for how a game plays by watching someone else play it, this does look pretty great. 

It also does a fine job of illustrating the truth of the statement that there are a lot of things you can do with a hatchet and a Nazi, too. 

A cutscene kicks in at around the 13:30 mark, followed by more gameplay of a slightly different sort. It's great stuff, very Tarantino-esque, but it's a bit spoilerish too. If you want to experience the twists and turns of Terror Billy's Adventures in The Big Easy, you'd be best to stay away from it. 

Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus comes out on October 27.   

Andy Chalk

Andy has been gaming on PCs from the very beginning, starting as a youngster with text adventures and primitive action games on a cassette-based TRS80. From there he graduated to the glory days of Sierra Online adventures and Microprose sims, ran a local BBS, learned how to build PCs, and developed a longstanding love of RPGs, immersive sims, and shooters. He began writing videogame news in 2007 for The Escapist and somehow managed to avoid getting fired until 2014, when he joined the storied ranks of PC Gamer. He covers all aspects of the industry, from new game announcements and patch notes to legal disputes, Twitch beefs, esports, and Henry Cavill. Lots of Henry Cavill.