How to complete the Warzone: The Haunting challenge and get the LAPA SMG

cod warzone lapa smg
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Want to know how to get the new Warzone LAPA SMG. Call of Duty: Warzone's The Haunting Halloween event is now live and there's a shiny new weapon to get your hands on: the LAPA SMG. We'll need to do some more testing to see if it'll make our best Warzone SMGs list, but let's see how you can get it for now.

There is a lot to be getting on with over the next few weeks in The Haunting, including chasing enemies as Ghosts. You'll want to keep an eye on your Fear Meter, though, as your Operator will experience badly-animated hallucinations if you spend too much time camping or taking damage. With all that in mind, let's take a look at how to get your hands on the Warzone LAPA SMG.

How to get the Warzone LAPA SMG 

The Haunting Halloween event runs until November 2, so you've got a few weeks to get the LAPA SMG. In theory, getting it is pretty straightforward: complete all nine The Haunting challenges. Simple, right?

Some of these challenges are obviously more difficult than others and you'll earn rewards like charms, stickers, and calling cards along the way. Some of the challenges require you to play in a squad, so team up with a few pals rather than jump in with randoms for the best chance of success.

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How to complete The Haunting challenges 

There are nine challenges to complete in total if you want to earn the LAPA SMG before November 2, so let's take a look at what you'll be doing and, more importantly, what rewards you'll get.

  • Play 5 matches in The Ghosts of Verdansk playlist: Fire Slick M82 Blueprint 
  • Earn a Top 10 final placement with your Squad in The Ghosts of Verdansk playlist three times: Frightening Watch 
  • Eliminate 10 enemy Ghosts in The Ghosts of Verdansk playlist: Respirator Weapon Charm 
  • Eliminate 10 Humans while playing as your Operator in The Ghosts of Verdansk playlist: Final Summons Animated Emblem 
  • Eliminate 5 enemy Humans while playing as a Ghost in The Ghosts of Verdansk playlist: Bloody Knife Reticle 
  • As a Ghost, redeploy as your Operator by collecting 3 Souls or performing a Finishing Move on a standing, crouching, or prone Human enemy: Murderous Mime Sticker 
  • Use 3 Sacred Ground locations to reduce your Fear Meter in The Ghosts of Verdansk playlist: Underworld Calling Card 
  • Answer 3 phones in The Ghosts of Verdansk playlist: Prophecy Sticker 
  • Experience 3 hallucinations while you have a full Fear Meter in The Ghosts of Verdansk playlist: Tentacle Weapon Charm 

Once that's over and done with, you'll be able to use the LAPA SMG in multiplayer and Warzone.

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