Warhorse Studios 'cannot guarantee any specific date' for Kingdom Come: Deliverance patch

If you've been playing Kingdom Come: Deliverance, you've no doubt run into a few bugs and glitches, and perhaps wished there were some changes to the save systems and lock-picking minigames. A patch intended to address these items, along with a few others (such as a craftable respec potion) is in the works, though after a few signs it might be nigh at hand—such as a tweet on Monday from the game's director that the patch was being finalized—another tweet on Tuesday suggests the wait might be a bit longer:

This tweet was in response to a player experiencing a bug preventing them from completing a side-quest. There are a number of reports, in the game's Steam forums and on Reddit, about quest-breaking, progress-halting bugs, so it's natural that players are eager to receive patch 1.3 for the PC and hopeful it remedies their particular issues so they can continue playing.

Christopher Livingston
Senior Editor

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