The weirdest glitches and bugs we've seen in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a great role-playing game, but only if you’re willing to put up with its messiness. A result of its ambitious systems spilling over and a fresh-faced studio trying to plug the leaks, there are strange, surprising, and somewhat charming bugs everywhere. Between bows that fire swords and guards that can superkick you from any distance, there’s clearly plenty of cleaning up left for Warhorse Studios, but until then, we’ll gif and share and laugh until they’re gone. Here’s a few of our favorite mishaps so far. 

Be warned, there might be some early game spoilers (and body horror) beyond this point. 

Got you! Again. And again. And again. 

Early in the game you're trying to escape from a castle. I tried the direct approach—just sort of walking out—and a guard nabbed me and returned me to my room. Which then trapped me in a glitch-loop, as another guard appeared in my room, captured me (despite the fact I wasn't trying to do anything but sleep), and then after he hover-walked over my bed, continued to repeatedly capture me, forever, until I finally had to manually quit the game. — Chris Livingston

That’s one hell of a kick 

The Dragon Ball Z anime has been running for nearly a millennium now, evidenced by this guard superfan’s dedication to the source material. 

Henry puree

Source: Reddit

I’m no expert when it comes to swinging around sharp objects, but I know showmanship when I see it. While my Henry is stuck with a molasses arm, this guy has a built in blender function. Will Henry blend? Yes. He’s a soft one. 

An historically accurate bow that fires swords 

Source: Reddit  

Prove to me it never happened. I want to see some sources. I’ll wait. 

Rated M for Mature and My God Put On Some Clothes 

Source: Reddit 

Miller Peshek has a case of the Mondays in this candid photo, but all that milling can make a medieval man mad. 

For my next impression... 

KCD has naturally drawn comparisons to Bethesda's open world RPG Oblivion, and here's another: this guard's voice completely changes in the middle of a conversation, something that used to happen in Oblivion from time to time. Maybe it's just a hobby for this guard to try out different voices, or maybe he's got a split personality, but most likely it's just proof that the spirit of Oblivion is alive and well. — Chris Livingston

A normal human conversation 

Source: Reddit

I’m surprised Henry’s speech skill didn’t go soaring after he did when initiating this conversation. Then again, maybe spontaneously transporting to and falling from the sky was a colloquial greeting. 

Two heads are better than one 

While exploring I came across a couple guards who clearly don't have any issues with personal space. My only question is, do they require two paychecks or just one?  —Chris Livingston

Flying potion 

Source: Reddit

It might look like this flying potion doesn’t require any ingredients, but what you can’t see is the player actively thinking a happy thought. Peter Pan and all that. 

Perfect stealth 

An AI bug or advanced AI at work? Maybe this man is actively ignoring the player choking out his bud so as not to draw attention to himself. The code is practicing self-preservation, gaining sentience and we’re sitting on our butts writing flavor text for short clips of funny ‘glitches’. We’re doomed. (Gotta get paid though.)

Breaking free of the menus 

Source: Reddit 

I’d be feeling a bit trapped, too. After all that time fiddling with layering shit armor who can blame Henry for wanting a breather and longer limbs. 

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