Warhammer Online update unifies RVR currencies

Warhammer Online Black Orc

"Warhammer Online update" isn't a sentence frequently used around these parts (like "gargoyle removal" or "Magneto problems") since Mythic's PVP-centric MMO has puttered quietly in the background over the years with a small but dedicated community. Nevertheless, patch 1.4.8 hit servers yesterday with a major overhaul consolidating the various realm-versus-realm coinages used for acquiring increasingly powerful gear and weapons into a single War Crest currency for easier management of your blood-money.

New War Crest Vault Keeper NPCs populating Warcamps and capitol cities will trade your old and busted RVR currencies for the new and glossy War Crests at these exchange rates:

  • 5 War Crests for 1 Warpforged/Doomflayer/Captain
  • 4 War Crests for 1 Royal
  • 3 War Crests for 1 Warlord
  • 2 War Crests for 1 Invader
  • 1 War Crest for 1 Conqueror/Officer
  • 1 War Crest for 125 Recruit

Currency rewards from both RVR quests and player kills remain locked at a 1:1 ratio with the new War Crests. If Ranald, Warhammer 's god of tricksters, deems a favorable fate upon you, a very rare War Chest could appear in your loot window one day and bury you beneath 2,500 War Crests, a fireworks fanfare, and a special announcement in the near vicinity. No, it's not "[Player name] just became loaded! KILL!" though I sorely wish it was.

Omri Petitte

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