Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide patch adds Quests and Contracts

You know what makes a roleplaying game a roleplaying game? No, it isn't 'playing a role', gaining experience, or even acquiring increasingly shiny pauldrons. To be a roleplaying game, to be a proper RPG, you need one or more job boards where you can pick up quests posted by vexed villagers. Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide finally has one of those, so it is now, officially, an RPG. Fact.

Update 1.4 adds Quests and Contracts to the Skaven-slaying, first-person co-op game, which you'll be able to pick up from the new Bounty Board located in the Red Moon Inn. Contracts give you a series of objectives, and reward with timed character boons when ticked off, while Quests are more involved, offering up "epic rewards" upon completion of several 'Key Contracts'. Here's a video that explains all that in a bit more detail:

The patch also makes a few more patch-like changes, with tweaks to the UI, the  lobby browser, and a fair few bug fixes. Have a read of the full update notes, if you want the nitty gritty.

Tom Sykes

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