Wargroove gets a release date, and it's next week

Chucklefish's turn-based strategy game Wargroove has at last got a release date: 1st of February. It was revealed in a Nintendo indie-focused stream with a new trailer, which you can watch above. We knew the game was on-course for an early 2019 release date, but we didn't realise it would be this soon. The game has a refreshed Steam page to celebrate—though you can't preorder it yet, Wargroove will cost a nice and lean $20/£16.

"Wargroove is Chucklefish's second in-house project and with the quality of its art, sound and technical achievements we’ve also seen our own progress as developers reflected in its outcome," says Chucklefish founder Finn Brice in a blog on the developer's website. "We've come to realise that for a game to succeed it can't be anything less than a labour of love. We hope Wargroove will challenge and delight you in equal measure."

With a campaign, competitive play and high-end editing tools for making your own in-game content, I can't wait to check out Wargroove again. I first played it all the way back in September 2017—and even then I thought it was in top shape. Here's what I said at the time

"Chucklefish hasn't made a strategy game before, but this shows the team is on the right track to me. It's turn-based strategy as we know it, but presented in a very pleasing and accessible-looking form, which is largely how I felt about Advance Wars back in the day."

Samuel Roberts
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