Wargame: AirLand Battle gets free Magna Carta DLC

Surprise! The Cold War themed RTS Wargame: AirLand Battle has been updated to include a 13th century charter. Wait, my mistake, this second free DLC pack may be called Magna Carta, but it's actually about planes, tanks and exploding objects. No, I don't really see the connection either. Either way, strategy fans will get access to new units and maps designed to expand the game's multiplayer and skirmishes.

There are 12 new units available, encompassing one for each nation. Of the new maps, there are two designed for 20 player battles, another four to support smaller match-ups, and a remade version of European Escalation's Three Mile Island. All of the maps can be played in Conquest and Destruction.

While still supporting AirLand Battle, Eugen Systems are also working on Wargame: Red Dragon, which moves the campaign to central Asia.

Magna Carter should be automatically added to the game.

Phil Savage

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