Warframe teases ship-to-ship combat at PC Gaming Show, offers free Nekros Prime

During the PC Gaming Show today, Warframe's live ops and community director Rebecca Ford took the stage to tease Warframe's new Empyrean expansion ahead of its Tennocon convention. Previously referred to as Railjack, the newly named Empyrean expansion represents a significant new addition to Warframe's sprawling world: ship-to-ship combat in space.

First announced last year at Tennocon, Empyrean takes a team of three players into orbit around planets to fight against enemy capital ships. It's kind of like FTL in that each player on the ship will have different responsibilities to juggle, like putting out fires or repelling enemy invasions, boarding the enemy ship to sabotage it from the inside, or shooting at squadrons of enemy ships. It looks hectic and ambitious as hell.

This is just a tease, though. The trailer debuting at the PC Gaming Show does hint at some exciting details, like space flight being available in multiple areas instead of just above Venus, but the full reveal will happen at Tennocon on July 6. The physical event is in London, Ontario, Canada, but if you don't feel like making the pilgrimage you can instead watch it on Twitch. Ford also revealed that all Twitch viewers who link their Warframe account with Twitch will also get a free Nekros Prime.

Below: Our backstage interview with Digital Extremes at the PC Gaming Show.

If you're not super familiar with Warframe, you can switch between different suits of armor that are each like their own RPG class. Prime versions are exceptionally powerful and very rare (or expensive), and Nekros is especially badass because he can punch people so hard their souls explode from their body and become a deadly projectile. It's pretty metal. So even if you're new to Warframe, having Nekros Prime in your arsenal is pretty great.

You can watch the Empyrean teaser trailer above. Tennocon tickets can be purchased here or you can tune in on July 6 on Twitch to watch the main event.

Here's Digital Extreme's live ops and community director on-stage at the PC Gaming Show 2019 explaining more about Empyrean:

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