More than a year after it was announced, crossplay is finally live in Warframe

In July 2021, Digital Extremes announced that it was finally bringing crossplay to Warframe. Today, in December 2022, the studio has finally, actually made it happen: Warframers on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch can now all play together.

When crossplay is enabled (via Warframe's game options menu), a platform icon will be displayed next to player names. They'll be able to chat and join squads with people on other platforms, and "can expect expedited Public Matchmaking" thanks to the increased player pool size. Players on all platforms can also meet up together in Relays and Dojos, but VoIP features are not currently available—Digital Extremes said that will be added at some point in the future.

"Warframe will always be a game best played and enjoyed with friends and that’s why launching Cross Platform Play is such an incredible moment for us," chief operating officer Sheldon Carter said. "Together with our partners, we have broken down the walls that have prevented our players from experiencing the thrill of Warframe as one united community. Now, you can complete bounties and adventure across our open worlds or jump into new co-op Survival missions in our Lua’s Prey update with friends unrestricted by platform. Get ready for even more opportunities to make friends across the Origin System."

The addition of crossplay is a big deal for Warframe: "Huge," in fact, as our then-resident Warframe expert Steven Messner said when Digital Extremes first confirmed that it was coming. A big part of that is the fact that teaming up with people on other platforms seemed like such a remote possibility. Crossplay is relatively common these days, but Warframe creative director Steve Sinclair described it in 2019 as "one of the highest-risk things we can do" because of the constantly-evolving state of the game. 

He was also very excited about the addition of cross-platform saves, writing, "Though I typically play on PC, having the option to play Warframe on my Switch while on vacation—or on my Xbox from the comfort of my living room sofa—is awesome." Unfortunately, that part of the job is not yet done: Digital Extreme said cross-platform saves, which will enable players to access their saves and continue their in-game progress across all platforms, "is still in development and is not yet available."

A detailed guide to Warframe's new crossplay functionality is up at

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