Warface screenshots have sliding, shooting and massive mech

Warface - Mechface

Today I accidentally knocked over Owen's coffee, and SAW THE FACE OF WAR. It looked like this: >:(

All the soldiers in Crytek's free to play multiplayer shooter, Warface, make this face at all times, even in victory. Sadly they're all facing away from the camera in the three new screenshots over on RPS , doing soldiery things like shooting mechs from the cover of a shattered tree stump. One chap is firing and sliding simultaneously, one of Crysis 2's most common manoeuvres.

Warface will have class-based competitive multiplayer, co-op missions and a “constantly updated extensive PVE universe." It's built with CryEngine 3 as well, so it'll be Maximum Pretty. See for yourself in these carefully posed shots.

Tom Senior

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