War of the Roses to get Hospitaller-themed gear, new game modes later this year

We reported recently that Paradox has created a permanent team to produce ongoing content for War of the Roses. We're just now getting some info on what that's going to look like. Before the end of the year we can expect seven new weapons, new armor options including Knights Hospitaller plate, and even some new maps and game modes.

The new hardware coming in the first content update is themed around the Knights Hospitaller, one of the most famous chivalric orders in history, and includes :

  • Milanese Knights Hospitaller crafted heavy armor
  • One new helmet and four new visors
  • Seven new weapons: gothic mace, rondel dagger, halberd, Hospitaller poleaxe, horn spanned crossbow, new arming sword, and an Italian side sword

Later in the year, we can expect two snowy maps, and a game mode called Pitched Battle. Of the latter, we are told nothing except that players will "learn to value their lives." Joining the current team deathmatch and capture point-based melees, it almost sounds like it might be a Counter-Strike-esque, "You die, you're dead for the round" kind of thing. We'll be keeping our eyes and our swords sharp for more info on this advancing content.