War of the Roses details Brian Blessed DLC, free content and Kingmaker gold edition

Not to be outdone by Chivalry's addition of expanded content , Paradox have provided some details on what's upcoming for their bloody medieval combat game War of the Roses. It includes more information on yesterday's announcement of Brian Blessed's involvement - a premium DLC pack will add him in as the game's narrator.

"Blessed's booming voice will inspire knights by announcing in-game events and warnings, giving new meaning to the iconic command to 'Kill the enemy!'" reads the press release. I'm not sure what other meaning there could be for the command "kill the enemy", but if anyone can find one, I'd bet Blessed can.

Also announced is War of the Roses: Kingmaker - a gold edition of the game that will bundle together all DLC and exclusive content. "Kingmaker will also introduce two new game modes—Assault and Assault Castle—where knights will face new attack and defense scenarios that aim to truly test their skill as a team."

Finally, all editions of the game will receive the "Outside the Law" update, adding in a new deep forest map, along with new armour.

A free trial for War of the Roses is due to take place from the 6th February.

Phil Savage

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