Vlambeer celebrates birthday with free release of Wasteland Kings prototype and Gun Godz

Two-person Dutch development team Vlambeer has released a pair of its games for free to celebrate the studio's third birthday. The two games include a prototype version of Wasteland Kings , the team's current project, and Gun Godz , a roguelike shooter tipping the corner of its pixelated hat in the direction of the original Wolfenstein.

Vlambeer had originally created Wasteland Kings as part of a charitable Mojam gamejam that took place back in February, but has since expanded the scope of the game. Also a roguelike game, Wasteland Kings deals with post-apocalyptic mutants and their everyday problems.

"The radioactive waste in the world allows mutants to get ahead by mutating new limbs on the fly and the abundant availability of powerful weaponry makes the quest to become Wasteland King one fraught with peril," according to the game's official website .

An FPS inspired by gangster-rap, Gun Godz looks like it shares a healthy amount of its DNA with classic shooters like Wolfenstein and Doom. Players work to escape the jail of a hotel, which also happens to be the only building on the planet Venus where the game takes place. Appropriately enough the hotel owner, also known as the God of Guns, owns his own record label. The game features 12 levels, some secret areas, and a structure that should make speedrunning a possible playstyle.

Both games, along with some other goodies from the studio that brought you Super Crate Box , are available to download here . Thanks, Indie Games . Image of Gun Godz below via venuspatrol.com