Viscera Cleanup Detail exits Steam Early Access

Viscera Cleanup Detail

I don't like mess, in real life and in games, so I've always found the premise of Viscera Cleanup Detail interesting. It's a game about the aftermath of that particularly bloody shooter campaign—you know, the one with the absurdly detailed dismemberment system. It's a game where you go in and clean up the mess left behind, by mopping, squirting, scraping and de-littering until everything's lovely and neat again.

After entering Early Access last year, RuneStorm's innovative game of first-person tidying is finally out for real. Look, here it is on Steam, with a 33% launch discount and everything.

The game seems to have expanded a fair bit since we last covered it—it now boasts online multiplayer and split-screen co-op, some increasingly rare words to see these days. Buying Viscera Cleanup Detail will also bag you the game's two spin-offs—Santa's Rampage, and the Shadow Warrior tie-in—and RuneStorm hopes to implement both into the main game sometime in November.

Tom Sykes

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