Vermintide buffed with free Sigmar’s Blessing DLC

Vermintide Slide

I dabbled in the Warhammer: The End Times: Vermintide beta, but being bad at things with strangers on the internet has never been my bag. Ian, however, loved it. Like, 90-score, Editor’s Choice loved it, and apparently 300,000 of you did too, because today developer Fatshark is releasing some free DLC to celebrate.

Warhammer: The End Times: Vermintide: Sigmar’s Blessing is a fairly substantial loot overhaul. New hammers, blunderbusses (blunderbi?) and fiery Bright Wizard staves are among the 40 Veteran pest control weapons patched in, in addition to trinkets that increase the odds of finding loot for a class you care about. That’s tempting me back—slogging through rat hordes to be rewarded with something that wasn’t an impractically massive hammer could get a bit old.

New tools of destruction are accompanied by the Shrine of Solace, which dispenses weapons of a chosen type in exchange for tokens. 'Solace' presumably means something different to the Skaven.

It’s good to know that the community is alive a bustling, and likely more so for the next few days, so get on in there pronto. The whole changelog is yours for the perusing.