Vermintide 2 is free for the weekend on Steam

(Image credit: Fatshark)

If you've always been jealous of people who get to spend their weekends prowling the streets with an axe, chopping up giant evil rats, then I've got some excellent news: Vermintide 2 is free for the weekend on Steam, and like all Steam free weekends, it has a very loose interpretation of the weekend and begins today. 

From later today, interested rat catchers will be able to hack and slash their way throw hordes of rodents and chaos warriors and even some beastmen. While only the base game is free, Vermintide 2 lets players with DLC invite people to play, regardless of whether or not they've also got the DLC. 

That means, if you can find another player to invite you, you'll be able to check out the Winds of Magic, which added the aforementioned beastmen and some new challenges, and take a trip back to Ubersreik and play the first game's remastered maps. 

During the free weekend, Vermintide 2 will also be discounted by 75 percent. You can take it for a spin or grab it on the cheap starting today and ending on November 24. It's been ages since I last cleared out the skaven, but I'm tempted to pop back in myself. 

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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