Vermintide 2 gets a new career and some bad weather

Vermintide 2's latest update kicks off the rat-smasher's third season, chucking in new cosmetics, reshuffling the Weaves and introducing weather variations to the outdoor maps. The highlight, however, is the new career for Markus Kruber, which sticks him in a suit of armour and sends him questing. 

The Grail Knight is a Bretonnian warrior—an Arthurian knock-off—who is far too noble to do anything as shady as kill someone from far away, so it's melee all the way. You'll be able to switch between two new weapon types: the Bretonnian longsword and the Bretonnian sword and shield, as well as a magical sword—your active ability—that lets you deal heavy damage to elites and monsters.

In case magical swords wasn't Arthurian enough for you, there are also quests that you can vow to complete. Complete objectives for the Lady of the Lake during your mission and the whole party will get buffs to their combat stats. There's one buff for every objective. 

To play as the Grail Knight, you'll need to buy it from the in-game shop or Steam. There's a bundle, too, which includes cosmetic upgrades and some more Shillings, the in-game currency. [I mistakenly claimed that the career could also be purchased for Shillings, but this is not the case.]

This is perfectly timed as I've just started getting into Vermintide 2. I'm still getting to grips with the single career I've unlocked—the Bounty Hunter for Victor Saltzpyre—so I'm not quite ready to start throwing Shilings at a new one, but I do quite fancy making skaven kebabs as a tanky Bretonnian knight. 

Update 3.0 is out now and also comes with a bunch of weapon and hero tweaks, along with a big list of fixes. Check out the full patch notes.

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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