Vegas Pro 14 Edit, normally around $200, is only $20 in the Humble Software Bundle

Good video editing tools either seem to be free but have limited features, or cost hundreds of dollars and have a limited free trial. So, for those looking for a deal, here's a pretty stellar one: you can have Vegas Pro 14 Edit for only $20 in the Humble Software Bundle.

That's a verifiable steal since Vegas usually goes for around $200 or so (such as on Steam). The current discount on Amazon takes it down to $150, which isn't bad (and it's the lowest it's ever been on Amazon), but for $20? I'd suggest grabbing it from the Humble Store if you even have an inkling that you someday might want to edit some video.

This being a bundle, that's not all you get. At the $20 range you'll also grab Xara Web Designer Premium, Vintage FX Suite, and Magix Video Sound Cleaning Lab. I'll be straight with you: I don't know what those things do or if they're good at doing them. But it's stuff for not much money, which is the best kind of stuff.

You'll also get Music Maker Hip Hop Beat Producer, Xara Photo & Graphic Designer, and Magix Photostory Deluxe, something called Soundpool: Stranger Synths, Music Maker 80s edition (mint!) and Magix Photo Manager Deluxe. Get the full details at the Humble Store.

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Christopher Livingston
Senior Editor

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