Where to find a vase of flowers in Lazy Lake in Fortnite

vase of flowers lazy lake
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Another new batch of Fortnite's legendary challenges have arrived, and they're a great chance to earn more battle pass tiers before the end of the season. This week, Epic wants us to find a vase of flowers in Lazy Lake.

I'm not sure how this relates back to the whole alien invasion that's been plaguing Fortnite since the start of season 7, but who doesn't love a nice bouquet? I guess aliens have a Mother's Day, too, right? 

Either way, there are multiple flower vase locations in Lazy Lake, but it can be annoying to find one if you're just running around, and an enemy might waste you in the process. So we've laid out a map for you with detailed descriptions of where to find them.

Read on for the full guide.

(Image credit: Epic Games)

The first vase of flowers is located just in the doorway of the auto shop building, near the three boulders laid out in the front yard. 

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Look for the auto shop building in the center of town. Specifically, you'll want to find the side of the building that has a large rock formation just outside its entrance. The vase of flowers is sitting just inside the door.

A second vase of flowers can be found at the entrance to the No Sweat Insurance building. Like the first vase, it's sitting in the doorway.

The third vase of flowers can be found in the large house at the south end of Lazy Lakes.

Thankfully, you only need one vase of flowers to complete the challenge.

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