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Vane trailer divines the weather in an open world desert near you


Friend and Foe games is a development company home to a couple of devs who worked Team ICO's The Last Guardian, and fittingly there's a touch of the ICO/TLG to their first game, Vane. It's a game about a child in an arid, ruined land, and it's looking absolutely spellbinding. Details are thin, but it appears to involve weather vanes (as per the title), scary sandstorms, lightning, an open world desert and an eagle. What more could you want? Oh, a trailer? OK, you can have that too.

There isn't much to go on in the following video, or on the Friend and Foe site, but the developers describe Vane as an "open-world adventure game based on mystery and exploration" that's coming to PC along with "every other platform we can get our hands on". Which is a very sensible approach, if you ask me. Puzzle-solving and exploration are both things to expect, along with "other features yet to be revealed". The YouTube description also houses this enticing description:

"A recurring dream a thousand years old. A land shut off from the world by walls of sand. A glimmering power enslaving the ones within"

Yeah but how many guns does it have.

On that note, Friend and Foe are also working on an action arcade game called Dangerous Men, and it couldn't sound more different to the enigmatic Vane. No images or video have been released of Dangerous Men yet, but know that it's obsessed with 80s buddy movies, as most of the best things are. Prepare for "a city-wide explosionfest as detectives Dan & Don literally jump from explosion to explosion to clear the city of the Punk Gang menace". Well alright then.