Vampire Survivors gets heavy metal in 0.5.2 update

Vampire Survivors (opens in new tab) developer poncle has continued its tradition of dropping updates on a Sunday, with version 0.5.2 coming today and adding a a few new toys and treasures to futz with in your journey to eat chicken off the floor and maybe one day find an actual vampire.

It's a lot of weird new things, and it really exemplifies the Vampire Survivors design vision of "I don't care for balance that much: it's a singleplayer game." (opens in new tab)

The new character is a guitar-shredding metal angel, a cool bat demoness lady. The new weapon, Shadow Pinion, is her starting gear, and has an evolution right out of the gate. There's also a weapon evolution for the Gatti Amari, the weird cats. A new collectible power up also lets you go on a gold-collecting rampage.

There are two new Arcanas to unlock, as well as some bugfixes. Anyway, go have fun killing vampires. (There are no vampires to kill.) You can read the patch notes for Vampire Survivors 0.5.2 on Steam. (opens in new tab)

There's a new soundtrack entry, as well:

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