Vampire Survivors' first full DLC is coming next week

Vampire Survivors: Legacy of the Moonspell screen
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Vampire Survivors developer poncle has unveiled the game's first full-on DLC, a trip to an alternate dimension inspired by feudal Japan entitled Legacy of the Moonspell. Set to come out later this month, the expansion will add a brand new stage, new characters, new monsters, and more than a dozen new weapons to go ham on them with.

The Steam page for Legacy of the Moonspell is vague, yet appropriately ominous: 

"In eastern lands, a clan has fallen. The Moonspell, once vigilant guardians of a sorcerous valley nestled in the mountains, have been overrun by hordes of yokai and oni. Though treacherous, this hive of spectral activity may provide some clue as to the location of a vampire. If not, at least it’ll be entertaining to defeat thousands of wayward spirits in the process."

Fortunately, it does provide some specifics. Legacy of the Moonspell will add eight new characters to the game, including:

  • Miang Moonspell - The last disciple of the Moonspell Clan before its downfall, and possibly its finest. Self-consciously a shounen protagonist.
  • Menya Moonspell - One of the few surviving Moonspell elders, Menya’s mystical powers are near god-like.
  • Syuuto Moonspell - Banished practitioner of the new moon dark magic, Syuuto is nonetheless an enemy of evil. Poor personal hygiene may contribute to his continued exile.
  • Babi-Onna - Returned from the dead to seek vengeance on demons and mortals alike, she nonetheless retains her impeccable ability to charm, amuse, and dazzle.

And 13 new weapons, among them:

  • Silver Wind - An ancestral force unleashed by the staff of the Moonspell Clan, only those born under the moon can fully wield its power (or whoever finds it in a chest, we’re not sure).
  • Four Seasons - A set of orbs which unleash the power of the changing seasons, of death and rebirth.
  • Summon Night - A weapon which drips with the darkness of the new moon. Despite the clan’s superstitions, even the shadows can oppose evil.
  • Mirage Robe - An enchanted kimono, weaved on a loom from the silk of the earth spider, and imbued with a fragment of Babi-Onna’s vengeful spirit. Besides, it looks fabulous darling.

The new stage, Mount Moonspell, is Vampire Survivors' largest yet, with several different environments including an abandoned castle, a snow-covered mountain, and a yokai-infested village, each with unique challenges to face and monsters to slaughter. Naturally, there is also an allusion to "hidden mysteries" to ferret out, and for those who enjoy such things, the DLC will also add a half-dozen new music tracks to the game.

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Vampire Survivors: Legacy of the Moonspell is set to come out on December 15, and will set you back a whopping $2. Vampire Survivors itself is actually on sale on Steam right now, which seems kind of pointless since the regular price is just five bucks, but you can pick it up for 20 percent off—so, four bucks—until December 12. 

Have a look at some more Vampire Survivors: Legacy of the Moonspell screens below.

(Image credit: poncle)

(Image credit: poncle)

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(Image credit: poncle)
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