Valve is adding full DualShock 4 configurability to Steam

Since it came out in late 2013, we've considered the DualShock 4 the best controller for the PC, and as it turns out, Valve likes it quite a bit, too. As reported by Gamasutra, Jeff Bellinghausen of Valve and Lars Doucet of Level Up Labs announced at Steam Dev Days that Valve will soon release a Steam update "that adds full configurability to controllers other than the Steam controller," beginning with the DualShock 4.

Using the PS4 controller through the Steam API is "exactly the same as a Steam Controller," they explained. "You make the exact same API calls, you only get actions, not inputs, and the Steam API takes care of everything." 

On top of that dovetailing functionality, it's a really nice controller, too. "It’s also got a gyro and a touchpad, so it’s got a lot of overlapping functionality with the Steam Controller," they continued. "Also, existing native support for the PS4 controller on the PC is a bit weak; in this case Steam itself is communicating directly with the device so everything [is] nice and reliable." 

The talk gets a bit technical as the pair dig down, but the relevant bit for us is that we'll soon see a lot more built-in support for our PS4 controllers, without a lot of horsing around with tools like DS4Windows. "This means that players can pair their PS4 controller directly to their PC and use all the configurability options available to the Steam Controller, including use of the PS4 touchpad and gyro," they said. 

And don't fret if you're an Xbox fan: Dates and details haven't been announced, but "similar support for other controller models is coming." And, lest we be accused of bias, Microsoft's pricey Elite controller is really nice too.

Andy Chalk

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