Valheim crosses 6 million sales mark, teases first big update

Valheim's raven, Hugin (Image credit: Iron Gate Studios)

Six weeks after launching into Early Access, co-op Viking survival game Valheim continues its conquest of Steam. It remains a global top seller, and according to developer Iron Gate Studios, it has now sold over 6 million copies since arriving in early February. That milestone should make Valheim the best-selling new PC game of 2021 so far.

In a development update today, the team at Iron Gate also said they're still working on patching bugs and other issues, but they also gave us a small tease for the first big update on the Valheim roadmap: Hearth and Home. The Hearth and Home update will focus on food preparation, new cooking recipes, and more building pieces for fort construction.

And this might be one of those pieces. To whet our appetites, the update included this image:

An image from Valheim's Hearth and Home update (Image credit: Iron Gate Studios)

It's not clear if this is a figurehead for a ship or a decoration for a fort (or something else entirely), but it looks to me like a wooden recreation of the helpful raven Hugin, who appears in Valheim to give players tutorial tips and information about the world.

"We have a lot of exciting things planned for this update, and we have of course listened to your feedback and suggestions, and can barely wait until we can show you more," the devs wrote. There's still no date or release window given for Hearth and Home, but it's the first of four big updates planned for this year. 

Here's everything we know about the rest of the major updates coming to Valheim, which includes a new biome, The Mistlands, ship customization, a new boss, and potentially even some mini-bosses. 

Christopher Livingston
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