Vacant Sky: the indie RPG's second act gets revamped, released for free

Project BC have just released Act II of the Complete Edition of their Vacant Sky trilogy , RPGs which concern themselves with "the death and rebirth of Auria Edith, a small-town girl whose violent and unexpected death turns her world upside down". Yes, it would probably do that. The original trilogy came out a couple of years ago, but this ongoing remastering "adds significant improvements to the graphics and gameplay" of all the games, "as well as an enhanced story and new choices to make." Vacant Sky is still completely free .

To get to Act II, you're going to need to play Act I first, so you that have a save file to import. Conveniently, both parts come bundled together. If you're on the fence (or you're still waiting for the download to finish), take a look at the first part of this Let's Play:

Tom Sykes

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