How to get Radium Alloy in V Rising

V Rising Radium Alloy - A Vampire in their castle
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The V Rising Radium Alloy material is one of the new craftables that was introduced as part of the hefty Gloomrot expansion. This free update adds a new region, complete with bosses, robot enemies, and like Radium Alloy, new resources to acquire in order to construct advanced workbenches in your castle.

It's worth noting that Radium Alloy is an endgame resource. You'll need to be around level 60 in order to explore Gloomrot without dying and have a chance at beating the bosses you need to in order to craft the new resource. That said, here's how you can find Radium Alloy as loot, or make it for yourself.

How to craft Radium Alloy 

You can find Radium Alloy as loot in the new Gloomrot region, specifically the Trancendum Machine Factory and the Trancendum Power Plant, but to get a consistent supply of it you first need to unlock the recipe. That means you have to defeat one of the new Gloomrot bosses, namely Angram the Purifier. This boss is found in the Pools of Rebirth area in Gloomrot South, and once you defeat him you get the crafting recipe for Radium Alloy in the Furnace. To craft it, you'll need:

  • Four Sulphur
  • 60 Tech Scraps
  • One Sludge-Filled Canister

The first two resources are easy enough to find, with Sulphur coming from mining, and Tech Scraps from defeating the new Gloomrot enemies in Trancendum Camps and areas with them listed as possible loot on the map. The Sludge-Filled Canister is a little trickier to acquire, though. While you can find them as loot in certain areas of the Gloomrot region, to craft it you first need to beat the Ziva the Engineer boss in the Trancendum Machine Factory in the north section of Gloomrot South. This unlocks the Empty Canister recipe as well as the Fabricator that you can craft it at for: 

  • One Iron 
  • Four Glass

Once you've got one, head to any of the yellow sludge lakes in the Gloomrot area and equip your canister to fill it up and complete the item. With all that acquired, you can now craft your Radium Alloy and build that new Ancestral Forge. 

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