How to get Pollen in V Rising

vampire fighting moths next to some red flowers
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Pollen is a new resource in V Rising that comes with the new Gloomrot expansion. Alongside the new ancestral forge and resources like radium alloy, pollen is one of the many new additions you can use when crafting. It's pretty easy to find if you know where to look and will allow you to craft coarse thread, saving you valuable time. With that in mind, here's where to find it. 

V Rising: Where to find pollen 

(Image credit: Stunlock Studios)

Whether you're an anthophile like me or are a hayfever enthusiast, the way to find pollen is the same as in real life: flowers! There are flowers available in every area, such as sunflowers, blood rose, and fire blossom. If you can't be bothered running around on the hunt for flowers, you could always plant seeds at your base and pick them. That way, you get a nice garden and valuable resources right on your doorstep.

Picking flowers is only the first step, though; you'll need a grinder, too, which you should have a blueprint for already. Once you've got that set up, you'll need 20 of any kind of flower, and once you've put them through the grinder, you'll get 10 pollen.

After you've got 16 pollen, you'll want to gather 12 plant fibre which will then allow you to craft coarse thread. Look at all that time saved just from planting and picking some flowers, you resourceful little vampire. 

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