Where to find Unsullied Hearts in V Rising

V Rising Unsullied Hearts
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Want to find some Unsullied Hearts? If so, you’re probably ready to build a servant’s coffin and enthral some poor human to be your vampiric serf. Unsullied Hearts are a key ingredient in crafting Greater Blood Essence, which you’ll need every time you want to build a new servant’s coffin and expand your army of darkness.

Unlike the common Tainted variant, Unsullied Hearts are a much rarer drop, especially in the early game of V Rising. Just like whetstones (opens in new tab) or leather (opens in new tab), they are an item you’re going to need to put some extra effort into finding and farming. In this V Rising Unsullied Hearts guide, I’ll explain where you can find the material, and how to extract Greater Blood Essence from it so you can build a servant coffin.

(Image credit: Stunlock Studios)

V Rising Unsullied Hearts: How to get them 

The first Unsullied Hearts you’re likely to encounter will be dropped by Blood Carriers. These are the bosses you track down and defeat using the Blood Altar to unlock new blueprints and recipes. Each of them has a predetermined chance to drop an Unsullied Heart, so hold onto them if they do. When you’ve got a better equip level it might be worth farming some of the low-level Blood Carriers like Keely the Frost Archer in the trapper camp or Errol the Stonebreaker in the copper mine.

Unsullied Hearts also have a chance to drop from certain enemies. I’ve got them by killing moose and bears before, and since there are a lot of those running around, it might be a better farming method than trekking back and forth between Blood Carrier locations. There's also a recipe in the Blood Press that lets you craft Greater Blood Essence from 150 regular Blood Essence, basically cutting out the middle man. You will need to find and unlock this recipe first, though. 

How to get Greater Blood Essence 

There are lots of ways to get Blood Essence to power your Castle Heart, but the Blood Press is the most efficient. You can use this creepy-looking device to squeeze blood from Tainted Hearts, Rats, and to get Greater Blood Essence from four Unsullied Hearts. The blueprint is in the production tab, under “refinement”, and it costs 12 planks and 120 stone to craft. 

Whack your Unsullied Hearts inside and before long you’ll have some Greater Blood Essence. If you want to make the most out of your Blood Press, I also recommend building a Vermin Nest so you can use your extra bones and plant fibre to source a regular supply of rats.

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