Use No Man's Sky mods to make trees, rocks, and creatures much bigger

This week on the Mod Roundup, a handful of mods for No Man's Sky to make alien planets a bit more imposing. By increasing the size of plants, trees, rocks, and creatures, exploration will feel a bit more daunting and wondrous. Plus, you'll also get a boost to your inventory size and be able to stack previously unstackable items.

Keep in mind that modding No Man's Sky is a relatively new development, and we can't say what might happen to your saved games should a mod or update mess with the functionality of the game. Mod with caution! 

Here are the most promising mods we've seen this week.

Big Things

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Wandering No Man's Sky's alien worlds can be a perfectly pleasant experience, but there's little to find that will make you feel particularly small and insignificant, which is where a lot of the wonder of space travel lies. Succinctly titled, Big Things makes things big. Clusters of trees will now feel more like forests, plants and rocks will loom, and even the resource crystals you gather will seem imposing. There are naturally some clipping issues, and your FPS may take a hit while the game generates these oversized elements.

Bigger Creatures

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We were all looking forward to finding some truly massive alien beasts in No Man's Sky, and while there are definitely some large creatures roaming the surface of some planets, I daresay I haven't found anything truly daunting yet. This mod tweaks the size of alien critters in a few different ways. There's a version to make the chances of finding large creatures more common, and one that makes the size of creatures generally larger. There's also a version to make every creature huge, but I imagine that might get dull pretty quickly.

Item Stacking

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There's one more thing that needs to get bigger in No Man's Sky: your inventory. It doesn't make much sense that you can hold tons of plutonium in one pocket yet only a single fascination bead on another. This mod allows you to stack specialty items like Gek charms and venom sacs, and also increases the size of resource stacks, letting you spend less time fiddling around in your backpack and more time exploring.

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