[US giveaway] Win a free ticket to Polynesia DLC in Civ V!


UPDATE: Winners announced! Congratulations to Christian Coogan, Abra Cadabra (lawls), Iuliu Balibanu, and Scott Jones! Thanks to everyone who entered.

Have you ever wanted to stay up all night in a tropical paradise, playing just one more turn ? Now you can, thanks to PC Gamer Airlines. We're giving away four tickets to paradise - by which we mean Steam codes for the Polynesia DLC pack . This bundle adds (among other things) Easter Island heads and Polynesian warriors to the battle for global domination. Doesn't that sound exotic? Read on to find out how to enter.

To enter, simply send an e-mail to contests@pcgamer.com with the phrase "Ticket to Paradise" in the subject line, and we'll select four lucky winners on Monday, March 14. Send those e-mails, and you'll be visiting Civilization's tropics in no time.