Upcoming 32-inch 4K OLED gaming monitors from Samsung and LG look pretty much perfect

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We're big fans of the latest OLED gaming monitors, but they do share one obvious issue. They're all a bit short on pixels. But new roadmaps from the two big noises in OLED panel production, LG and Samsung, reportedly fix that with both 27-inch and 32-inch high-refresh 4K options incoming.

Of course, you can currently buy OLED gaming monitors and indeed TVs with the full 4K. But they're all 42-inch and up models, so arguably oversized for desktop use. At that panel size, the pixel density isn't all that either.

Salvation comes in the form of TFT Central's latest OLED roadmap update. Happily, a number of new OLED panels are in the works that look absolutely ideal. 

For starters, both LG and Samsung have some new actually-monitor-sized 4K OLED panels in the works. Both are working on 27-inch and 32-inch models and they're all set to offer full 240Hz refresh.

True to existing form, LG's will use its WOLED tech while Samsung's will be QD-OLED. Another intriguing differentiator is that LG's 32-inch effort will offer a new DFR or Dynamic Frequency and Resolution feature.

The key attraction here is the ability to use integer scale or pixel doubling to effectively turn a 4K panel into a 1080p panel and effectively offer two different native resolutions.

In 4K mode the panel will hit 240Hz and in 1080p mode it will be good for 480Hz. We've seen dual-mode screens like this before, most recently on the new Razer Blade 16

However, as yet, all implementations have failed to entirely deliver on the dual-native-mode promise. That Razer's panel, for instance, was just a tiny bit soft in 1080p mode. Here's hoping LG has cracked it for the new 32-inch OLED panel. Because if it has, that does have the makings of a single panel that's ideal for almost all kinds of gaming.

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Well, that's assuming LG can improve the full screen brightness of its WOLED panels for PC monitors. Thus far, they've been very disappointing and well behind Samsung's QD-OLED tech, as used by the Alienware 34 AW3423DW shown at the top of the story, by that measure.

Elsewhere on the roadmap report, there are one or two other intriguing options in the works. LG's 45-inch 5K2K panel with a native resolution of 5,120 by 2,160 pixels looks pretty sweet. It's much higher resolution than the disappointing 45-inch LG OLED panel we reviewed in the Corsair Xeneon Flex.

Both companies are also working on 27-inch 1440p panels with 360Hz and beyond refresh rates. So, uber high refresh combined with ultra low OLED-style response is going to be a thing soon. Nice.

As for when you can expect to see actual gaming monitors using these panels, that's the bad news. There won't be anything until at least the second half of next year and some models may not appear until 2025. On paper, however, they certainly look like they'll be worth the waiting for.

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