Untitled Goose Game Lego might get made if you give it a honk of approval

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Lego Ideas is one of the best things the venerable toy manufacturer has set up, allowing people to submit their own ideas for Lego sets for the community to vote on, potentially making the blocky creations real. One of this week's staff picks might be familiar to fans of naughty birds: it's an Untitled Goose Game set

The set features a small garden based on the first area where you cause chaos, complete with frustrated gardener, hats, plants and, of course, an anti-goose sign. Though small, it's packed with cute props. You can even steal the gardener's key. But you wouldn't do that, would you? No, you're a nice goose. 

"The worldwide phenomenon of 2019 comes to Lego," the submission reads. "Enjoy life as a destructive goose in a small garden. Watch out for the gardener and his many tools! Props included: Jam, Apple, Sprinkler, Goose Sign, Rose Bush, Carrot, Loose Foliage, Spoon, Shovel, Sun Hat, Hammer, Ice Chest, and a Key."

Its creator had hoped to add more minifigures, but they could only find one that fits the scene. It still looks spot-on, though, and I'd definitely put it on my shopping list. 

The Untitled Goose Game Lego has only received 265 votes at the time of writing, but there are still 410 days to show your support. At 10,000 votes, ideas are transformed into reality, with the set's creator getting 1 percent of the sales revenue.  It might not be that simple with a set that's based on a license, though, as House House will surely have to sign-off on it first. 

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