Unlock new gear in Far Cry 5's live event: Arcade Dawn

Still trying to take down Far Cry 5’s boring cult? If you’ve not yet left Montana, you might want to hop into the Arcade for the Arcade Dawn live event between now and April 17, at least if you want a really ridiculous little gun and some equally ridiculous clobber to go with it.

If you muck around in the Arcade for a mere 40 minutes, you’ll net yourself a garish Vector .45 ACP, and I’ve been assured that little rubber bit is definitely just a grip. 

And while you’re there, why not do a bit of community service? During the event, if the Arcade is visited a not insubstantial 1,200,000 times, the Arcade Pro outfit, with colours to match your new gun, will be handed out to everyone. Do it for me, and all the other people who’ll probably just forget. 

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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