Unboxing AMD's massive Ryzen Threadripper

Threadripper's here and it's arrived in our labs. Jarred received a massive box (two, actually), complete with a military Pelican case. AMD made news recently when its CEO, Lisa Su, tweeted an image of her holding a retail package of Threadripper that was big enough to hold a small PC inside.

Well, Threadripper comes in exactly that box, except the unit that was shipped to Jarred had lighting built into the Pelican case. As cool as the shipment was, getting Threadripper released from its box was no easy task, as you'll see Jarred struggle to free the CPU.

Just how big is the chip? Just about the largest socketed CPU we've ever come across. And it comes complete with a torque Torx wrench so that you don't overtighten the CPU retention mechanism.

It's aliiiiiiiive! Stay tuned for benchmarks, August 10.

Tuan Nguyen
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