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Watch a blistering Blazing Chrome boss fight in this new gameplay video

Austin described the side-scrolling retro-shooter Blazing Chrome as "a perfect successor to Contra and Metal Slug" last year, saying that it's a "tough, fast-paced game" that probably would have been a big hit if it had been released in 1995. Instead it was slated for launch in 2018, which ultimately didn't happen, but developer JoyMasher says it's coming soon and in the meantime, you can watch it strut its stuff in this new gameplay video. 

Watching the trailer, two things are immediately apparent: One, I will be terrible at this game, and two, it looks great. The characters and backgrounds are sharp and detailed, but it's the smooth precision of the animations that really nails it. Nothing about it looks frustratingly weightless or clunky: This is a game that high-school me would be proud to pump quarters into, even though I would never actually make it to stage 4-1. (On my best day I might get to 1-4—I was always more of a Time Pilot/Bosconian guy.) 

Neither the video nor the description provide any hint of a new release date, but a rep said that it's coming "sooooon." For now, you can get a closer look at Blazing Chrome at, or wishlist it on Steam

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