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Warhorse Studios 'cannot guarantee any specific date' for Kingdom Come: Deliverance patch

If you've been playing Kingdom Come: Deliverance, you've no doubt run into a few bugs and glitches, and perhaps wished there were some changes to the save systems and lock-picking minigames. A patch intended to address these items, along with a few others (such as a craftable respec potion) is in the works, though after a few signs it might be nigh at hand—such as a tweet on Monday from the game's director that the patch was being finalized—another tweet on Tuesday suggests the wait might be a bit longer:

This tweet was in response to a player experiencing a bug preventing them from completing a side-quest. There are a number of reports, in the game's Steam forums and on Reddit, about quest-breaking, progress-halting bugs, so it's natural that players are eager to receive patch 1.3 for the PC and hopeful it remedies their particular issues so they can continue playing.

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