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Warframe's The War Within update now live

Joe sat you down and spoke to you about Warframe's The War Within update a few weeks ago, and he made it through the whole thing without confusing it with edgy Prince of Persia sequel 'Warrior Within'. It's all I can hear, now that I've made the connection, but I'll bravely carry on to bring you the news that Warrior...Sorry, The War Within is live now. Developer Digital Extremes describes it as "the year's most anticipated Cinematic Quest", and because 'Cinematic Quests' are a thing Warframe has seemingly invented, no one can take that claim away from them.

You can find all the details about The War Within on Steam here, but the short version is that this mahoosive update bungs in that aforementioned quest, one that involves the Grineer Empire, and that takes place in a friendly sounding place called The Queen's Fortress. There are also some new set design elements, weapons, enemies and customisation parts, along with a new map to squabble on.

The War Within is "available to all Tenno who have completed the Second Dream and have unlocked the planet Sedna", and here's what's in store if you've done all that: