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Warframe update 9 released, adding new missions and a community designed robo-ninja

The ninth major update for free-to-play sci-fi shooter Warframe has just gone live. It brings a new addition to the robo-ninja roster with NOVA, which was created in part by The Design Council. They're a shadowy cabal of the game's community supporters, and were put in charge of deciding the Warframe's theme: anti-matter. At least if any universes implode, you'll know who to blame.

Elsewhere, Update 9 expands out Orikin Void with Defense, Capture and Mobile Defense missions, and a new set of blueprints for players to collect. The Grineer Galleon will also be getting new mission, including Mobile Defense, Spy, Deception, and Capture styles.

The update also tweaks the boss fight against Captain Vor - giving him a new workout with additional techniques. A special blueprint is promised for those who overcome the upgraded boss, mysteriously advertised as a "first of its kind" pistol.

Rounding out the patch are new items - including a rapid-fire shotgun and ninja throwing stars - and a series of fixes to clan dojos. In all, it sounds like good news for the game's growing player base, which at the most recent count incorporated three million registered users.

Phil Savage
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