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War Thunder: Ground Forces expansion moves its tanks into open beta

War Thunder was already pretty war-y, what with its battling sky-tanks. Or "planes". Now, though, it's even war-ier, thanks to a new update that introduces ground-tanks. Or "tanks". The long-teased Ground Forces expansion has been released into open beta, giving a new altitude for players of the free-to-play combat game to fight across. Naturally, the launch trailer features lots of angry metal boxes rolling across some fields.

To add tanks to your 'hanger' (read: tank shed), go to the Research menu's Army tab and buy them in the usual way.

You can see the full patch notes for update 1.41 below.

  • Ground forces are now available for all players in open beta test (Ground Forces progress achieved by players in the CBT will be wiped);

  • New planes, which include the MiG-3 armed with cannons, the I-185 reference model, navy version of the B-25 - the PBJ-1 in two modifications and two new jet-powered Me-262 in the German tree,
  • Griffon powered Spitfire fighters for Britain;

  • Cockpit for all versions of the Ki-45 heavy fighter;

  • Optimization of shadows and update of visual effects;

  • Updated ammunition and ballistics.

Phil Savage
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