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Wake up and roll the dice in interstellar RPG Citizen Sleeper

Look. If Deep Space 9 taught me anything, it's that you can't have a seedy space station without a bit of gambling. So it goes in Citizen Sleeper, a risk-driven RPG where you're rolling the dice every single time you get up in the morning. 

Revealed during today's PC Gaming show, Citizen Sleeper is a dice placement game like Dicey Dungeons or Tharsis. At the start of each cycle, you roll a set of dice—dice that can be slotted into different events or challenges. You'll have to decide for yourself which events take priority as you push through this stellar mystery.

All of this takes place on The Eye, a massive, bustling station full of bars, markets, docks, and seedy underbellies. As a Sleeper, you're woken up every so often to fill odd jobs—but every cycle, you also take your chance at escape. As you push against the system, you'll face not only authorities chasing you down but your own failing body, designed as it was with "planned obsolescence". 

All of this is painted in bold, comic colours, neon-tinted characters plastered against a stark, utilitarian station and the vast nothingness of space. Citizen Sleeper's world wants to explore roleplay in the ruins of intergalactic capitalism, with the hope that perhaps, one day, that's something you'll be able to escape entirely.

Citizen Sleeper is coming to PC in 2022.

Natalie Clayton

A one-time dog sledder, pancake flipper, alien wrangler and indie darling, Nat now scours the internet looking for the hottest PC gaming news. Destined to become Scotland's first Battlemech pilot.