TrackMania 2: Valley release date set for end of the week

Nadeo only recently released TrackMania 2: Stadium , but already they're revving up for the next addition to their series of improbable racers. TrackMania 2: Valley is a rally-focused expansion, and is planned for release this Thursday, July 4th. Incidentally, let's take a moment to congratulate Nadeo for the clear naming of their sequel. It's better than their previous system of bolting extra subtitles with every version - resulting in TrackMania United Forever Star Edition: Origins . Or something.

According to Nadeo, the expansion is the result of "years of development," and will offer the player new "rally-style" handling, a 65 track campaign, and new blocks for course creation.

TrackMania 2: Valley will be available on ManiaPlanet and Steam.