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This first-person mod makes Resident Evil 2 Remake even more terrifying

Oh no, there's a first-person Resident Evil 2 Remake mod. It is very, very, very stressful, ramping up the claustrophobia and forcing you get far too close to the shambling corpses trying to get a nibble. This one's only for the bold, which is demonstrably not me. 

Modder PrayDog created this work-in-progress nightmare, so you have them to thank for making an already nerve-wracking experience that much more terrifying. You can download it from GitHub (via ResetEra) now and risk the heart attack. Or you could be a little bit more cautious and watch this video from Sticky, showing off the beginning of the game.

Conveniently, it's customisable in-game, so if you want to change the FOV or turn on or off the vignette effect, you can just do that from the menu. There is not, I'm afraid, an option that will stop you from breathlessly muttering "oh shit, oh shit, oh shit" as you walk down dark, bloody corridors. 

I couldn't get through Resident Evil 7, so I don't think I'll be playing through Resident Evil 2 Remake in first-person, though I'm suitably impressed by how well is already works. The fixed camera perspective mod that's in the works is probably more my speed. It looks like it makes the game considerably more tense, but not quite as horrifying as having to see everything through Claire and Leon's eyes. 

Cheers, Eurogamer.

Fraser Brown
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