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A modder has made a basic Overwatch map editor

(Image credit: Blizzard)

Overwatch players have been clamouring for a map editor since it launched, but Blizzard has so far stopped short of letting players make changes to the growing list of arenas. The Workshop lets you create new rules that can have a massive impact on play, but the maps themselves have been left alone. 

Thanks to a Workshop mod from Yurrod, however, some very basic editing is now possible. The mod only lets you add things, and those things are exclusively walls. You can create walls of different sizes and shapes, connect them up, and there are some more creative uses, like using them to make ramps. 

It's still in development so Yurrod isn't sharing the code yet, but you can see it action courtesy of Stylosa's video below. 

The walls can be used to block paths, add cover and even create whole new routes or funky mazes. While it seems simple, then, you're fundamentally changing maps—even the addition of a single new wall can have a substantial impact—so it's already got the most important feature of a map editor covered.

Cheers, Blizzard Watch.  

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