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The Witcher 2 interface “designed with console in mind”

the witcher 2

Whilst never outright stating that The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings will be seeing a release on console, developers CD Projekt have said that the game has been “designed with console in mind”. Read on for the details.

Talking to IGN , CD Projekt RED's Jan Bartkowicz said: “You can play The Witcher 2 with joypad – it's implemented. The whole interface is designed with console in mind, in fact"

It's no secret that CD Projekt have been attempting to bring The Witcher to console for some time, their last attempt being The Rise of the White Wolf, which ceased development in 2009. The Witcher 2 could well be the projects replacement, with Bartkowicz confirming to IGN that they have had elements of the game running on console.

The Witcher was praised for being a PC purist's RPG and has gathered a dedicated fan-base. Will being optimised for use with a console joypad destroy the game's deep combat system or provide a better, more streamlined affair? Let us know your views on this move in the comments.

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