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The Old Republic teases update 2.2, offers free server transfers off APAC server

"No!" someone will inevitably scream as BioWare prepare to fire their destructive laser, "APAC was a peaceful server." A little too peaceful, unfortunately, which is why it's being removed from The Old Republic's roster. From tomorrow, remaining players on the Australia Pacific server will be able to use a free one-time transfer per character to evacuate, ahead of its fiery death. The upside is they'll be moving to a more populated new home, which may be the key to tackling the Nightmare Mode Operations being added with the upcoming 2.2 update.

Called Operation: Nightmare, the update will release in two parts, adding two new Level 55 Nightmare Mode Operations to the game. BioWare have revealed the content of the two patches, although are yet to announce a release date:

  • (Part 1 – Game Update 2.2) Nightmare Mode Operation: Terror From Beyond, New Guild Bonuses, Underworld Gear Crafting

  • (Part 2 – Game Update 2.2.2) Nightmare Mode Operation: Scum and Villainy

In addition to the two Operations, the update brings Underworld Gear Crafting, requiring rare and expensive materials, and added Guild XP and Reputation bonuses for every five people you recruit into your guild.

You can find more details on Operation: Nightmare on BioWare's update page .

Phil Savage
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