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The Hitman 3 opening cinematic shows why IO Interactive is a great choice for a Bond game

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The Hitman 3 opening cinematic, which was released today via IGN's Youtube channel, doesn't really give much away. You watch Agent 47 and a stranger travel through Saudi-Arabia, through cities and deserts, by car and by plane. The unknown man presumably narrates the reason for the trip: "A kind of company, known as Providence. To it, we were just assets, to use and throw away, to do the unthinkable, the unforgivable. And it never gave us a second thought, until now."

The secretive agency Providence has played a major role in the last two Hitman games, so to see things come to a head seems like a natural progression of Agent 47's story. Io Interactive have previously said that Hitman 3 is the end of the Hitman trilogy that began in 2016. It's more interesting that Agent 47, stone-cold assassin, doesn't seem to be working completely alone that offers some interesting possibilities, both in terms of story and gameplay.

The cinematic definitely serves its purpose in making me look forward to Hitman 3's release on January 20—from the music to the way the two agents leap from a plane at the end, this just screams spy thriller in the vein of James Bond—quite right too when developer IO Interactive revealed not long ago that it's working on an officially licensed James Bond game. The Hitman series has always been its own beast, but the trailer serves as a great reminder why this studio was likely the best possible choice to deliver a new game about the spy. Trust this trailer to raise anticipation for IO Interactive's upcoming Bond game simply by showing us more of Hitman 3.