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The Division 2 beta apparently needs a restart every two to three hours

The Division 2 private beta is now underway and Ubisoft has advised players to restart the game client "every two to three" hours to avoid crashes.

In an announcement on the official site yesterday, Ubisoft advised players that it's aware of some "high priority issues" present in the current beta. While the devs are keen to get them fixed, the workarounds offered should give players a better experience.

The first is the game client crashing after an extended gameplay session—Ubisoft doesn't specify a platform for this, so I assume it's a common issue. The current fix for this is restarting the game client every two to three hours to prevent any unexpected (or inconvenient) crashes. The second major issue is receiving a game invite while not in-game, which will make your client crash at launch. The workaround for this one is simply ensuring you're inside the game before partying up with your friends.

The Division 2 private beta started today, for those that preordered the game or were lucky enough to grab a spot by signing up on the official site. It runs until February 10 and will allow players to advance to level seven while trying out a number of missions, one of the three Dark Zones, as well as an endgame mission. 

You can see what Chris thought of battling through Washington DC when he got to give it a try last week, otherwise, you can check out everything we know about The Division 2 right here.

The Division 2 is set for release on March 15.